Are You Considering Divorce?

We offer compassionate guidance and support, empowering you to navigate the process confidently. From consultation to resolution, we advocate for your best interests. Here’s what you can expect from the process:

  1. Initial Consultation: Schedule a consultation to discuss your case and explore pre-dissolution planning options to safeguard your assets and income.
  2. Retain Representation: Secure legal representation by filing for divorce first, which may offer advantages in the proceedings.
  3. Filing the Petition: The divorce process officially begins with the filing of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, outlining initial divorce terms.
  4. Serving the Spouse: Serve your spouse with the Petition and accompanying documents, initiating mandatory disclosure requirements.
  5. Mandatory Disclosure: Disclose all financial circumstances to the court through a Financial Affidavit and gather necessary documentation.
  6. Discovery Process: Your attorney will conduct thorough discovery to gather information and prepare necessary documents.
  7. Mediation: Mediation is a common intervention to resolve unresolved issues before going to court.
  8. Case Management Conferences: Short hearings to assess progress and ensure readiness for further proceedings.
  9. Resolution Attempts: Parties may file motions to resolve remaining issues, potentially leading to hearings.
  10. Final Hearing: Prepare for a final hearing to resolve all outstanding matters and obtain a divorce judgment.
  11. Trial (if necessary): In complex cases, a trial may be required to resolve disputes that cannot be settled through negotiation or mediation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

The duration varies based on case complexity but typically takes between 5-6 months.

Mandatory Disclosure requires parties to disclose all financial circumstances to the court.

If your spouse fails to respond within 20 days, your attorney can advise on the appropriate legal steps to take.

While not mandatory, mediation is often encouraged to resolve disputes outside of court.

If mediation fails, unresolved issues may be addressed through further legal proceedings.

How Our Law Offices Help With Divorce Proceedings

Our law firm provides comprehensive assistance throughout the divorce process, from initial consultations to final judgments. We prioritize educating our clients, advocating for their best interests, and guiding them through each step with clarity and support.

If you’re considering divorce, contact us to schedule a consultation and explore your options.