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The Law Office of Pamela J. Helton, P.A. is a community law firm practicing in the areas of Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Modification, Guardianship, Injunction, Paternity, Adoption, Name Change, Landlord/Tenant, Wills/Estate Planning, Antenuptials and General Civil Litigation. As the owner and operator of a full service law firm, I work hard (along with a talented and dedicated staff) to resolve my cases in a professional manner as quickly as possible. If you find yourself in a situation in which you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call and schedule a time to sit down with me today at (352) 243-9991.

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Join us in welcoming our newest associate attorney, Barry Newton.   More information can be found about his qualifications on our "Attorney"page. Welcome Barry! 




If you should find yourself in need of legal counsel or representation, the first step is to call (352) 243-9991 and schedule an initial consultation. Once you have secured an appointment, you'll need to follow a few additional steps to ensure that you’re fully prepared at the time of your appointment. Listed below, you'll find necessary forms/information needed, helpful suggestions as well as some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions or concerns not answered here, please don't hesitate to call (352) 243-9991.

Items needed for consultation:

___Completed "Initial Consultation Form. Click here</a> to download the form.

___Payment (If using a coupon, it must be presented when payment is collected)

___(If applicable) Any documents that you have been served by a Process Server/Sheriff

___(If applicable) Any contract/agreement/lease that you signed pertaining to your case (Example: Prior Custody Agreements, Lease for Eviction Case, Will for Probate case, etc.)

___Pad of paper and pen (suggested)

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Click on the tab "Our Location" and make sure you're familiar with directions to the location in advance. Seeking counsel about stressful areas of your personal life can bring with it a great deal of anxiety and anticipation. Although we'll do everything possible to alleviate some of that stress, getting lost on the way certainly won't help your stress level.
  • A lot of information will be discussed during the consultation. Although having a pad of paper is not required, it can be helpful to jot things down as they are discussed.
  • Make a list of all the questions and concerns you have regarding your case beforehand and bring it with you. This will ensure that you get the most out of the consultation and that all your concerns are addressed. Don't leave with "Oh! I forgot to ask about..."
  • Try to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment. We'll get your information, take care of the consultation fee and offer a drink upon arrival. Take time to get situated, relax and get your thoughts together.
  • Check out the link below for frequently asked questions.


Home Consultation

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